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Once you have a web site, it takes TLC to keep it current, user-friendly and error free. Links to external web sites often change causing a broken link within your site, which can be very frustrating to visitors. We can check all links (internal and external) on a daily or weekly basis and fix any problems before anyone sees them.

Maintenance also includes content updates, additional information, as well as changes to basic information on your site such as a new address, phone number, or business hours. Realtor sites often need updates for property listings and photos. Some companies need updates of newsletters or event postings.

Don't waste your time trying to use web editors to do it yourself, let IL handle that for you. Spend your time doing what you do best, and leave your web site to the ILT group. After all, web sites are our business.

We offer a variety of maintenance packages to meet your individual needs. Call or e-mail us for details!

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